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Selecting an installation company

Ever heard the phrase “it’s only as good as how it’s been installed”? This is normally true of the construction industry in general but it is particularly true with regards to hostile vehicle mitigation products and systems.

HVM and high security are areas of specialist expertise whether it is one product being installed in isolation or an integrated system involving any number of different products. You hope you never need to test the product or system for real but if that moment does arise then it has to work first time, no second chances.

The choice of installation company is therefore just as important as the choice of products to be used and HVMhub would always advise the use of expert HVM product installers rather than general contractors whilst at the same time recognizing that buyers will want to have price competition as part of the decision making process.

Suggestions for deciding how to select your installation tender list, rather than just putting the project out to your normal building/civils contractor include:

  • Manufacturer recommendations – your chosen product manufacturer will be able to suggest installation companies in whom they have full confidence. Some have formally improved installers.
  • Select from PSSA installer members – all have been vetted for their competence in this area as well as for other aspects such as financial stability and health and safety credentials. See for further details
  • If you are using a specialist security consultant for your project they may be able to advise on reputable installers
  • Recommendations from other contacts who have had similar projects done.

If you do decide to get quotes from general contractors we would strongly advise asking for evidence that they have worked on similar projects in the past.

PSSA installer members who have specialist experience and expertise in installing a full spectrum of HVM products include;


J B Corrie & Co 1730 237100
Littlewood 1424 775333
Allens Total Perimeter Securitywww.allenstps.com44 1932 349067
Binns Fencing Limtedwww.binns-fencing.com44 1707 855555
TSP Projects 1904 454600
O'Connor Fencing 1946 693983
Stadium 2475 189999
Highway Care Ltd 1622 734 215
Crowdguard Ltd 161 5073 434
Jacksons Fencing 8004 082 236
ABC Fencing Ltd 1727 824 788
Ezi Security Systems 1300 558 304
Create Security 61 733 905 050
Gunnebo Australia Pty Ltd 61 455 134 402

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