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Temporary solutions

Often (but not always) the distinction between a temporary and a permanent HVM product is defined by whether it needs to have foundations into the ground or whether it can be simply placed in positioned for use (surface mounted).

For ‘one off’ or limited time usage such as temporary public events there can be plenty of advantages to using a surface mounted system so long as it can demonstrably provide the performance required.

These can include;

  • fewer complications in terms of service supply and preparatory works,
  • the ability to reconfigure the solutions should the venue or indeed the identified threat change
  • opportunity to hire rather than have to buy avoiding the overhead burdens of maintenance and storage (Repeated hiring can though, of course, become uneconomic).

Whether hiring or purchasing surface mounted temporary HVM products there are a number of common factors to take into account before making a final decision.

Such considerations can include;

  • the weight and dimensions of individual product components and how these relate to health and safety and manual handling regulations. Additional plant may be required to move the equipment.
  • the product installation methodology also needs to be clear. Does it need to be anchored or is it truly free standing? If it is to be anchored then be very clear about where and into what and how it will cope with sloping or undulating ground.
  • as with all types of site works, General Site Hazards require review and effective safe systems of work implemented during all aspects of the installation. These can include any need to work at height, working near water, live traffic / trains, electrified rails / overheads, animals etc.
  • distance from the delivery compound to the installation site, as this along with the means and intended time of transportation, are all factors to be considered when evaluating the overall time needed to install ( and later dismantle) the installation.
  • Any access road height/weight/time restrictions will also need to be factored in.
  • if purchasing a temporary HVM product for a temporary event that precludes leaving the measures in situ, then storage between usage something to be considered.
  • As with all types of HVM installation, Public Liability issues and public accessibility during and after installation are further possible issues that may need to be borne in mind.

The majority of these can be resolved simply by hiring or procuring the product complete with an installation service thereby using the experience of the product hirer/seller.

Further information on temporary (surface mounted) product solutions can be found in the searchable list of independently tested products elsewhere in HVMhub.

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