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How do you know that a test result performance claimed by a supplier is correct? Sadly there have been cases whereby suppliers have claimed results that are either incorrect or are referring to a testing process that does not meet recognised international standards.

The most obvious solution is to request a copy of the test certificate from the supplier but having done so the following are a number of items that you can check against to satisfy yourself re the validity of the claim:

  • Ensure that the certificate confirms that the product has been tested to IWA14-1:2013, PAS68:2013 or ASTM 2656:2018 as these are the only accredited HVM testing standards.
  • Look to see if the product rating given is in the correct format for the testing standard that is quoted. For example performance classification for:

IWA14-2013 format is – IWA14-1:2013 Bollard V/7500[N2A]/80/90:0.0

PAS68:2013 format is – PAS68:2013 Bollard V/7500(N2)/80/90:0.0/3.6

ASTM 2656:2018 format is – F2656 C7:50-P3

See ‘Standards and Independent Testing section of this website for further information on product ratings.

  • Ensure only a European vehicle has been used for the impact test when having a PAS68 or IWA14 product rating.
  • Ensure only a US specification vehicle has been used for the impact test when having an ASTM 2656 product rating.
  • An ASTM rating cannot be given for tests conducted with a European Specification vehicle.
  • Similarly a PAS68 rating cannot be given for a test conducted with a US specification vehicle.
  • An IWA14 rating must have the correct vehicle for the product rating e.g. N2A for a European vehicle and N2B for a US specification vehicle.
  • Check that the address of the manufacturer in the report is the same as that for your chosen supplier of product.
  • Look to see if photographs of the product in the report are the same as those supplied in the brochure/quotation for the product you are purchasing.
  • Where concrete will be used for installing the product check that the concrete crush test results are given in the report when the product was installed for test so that the concrete strength from the test can be confirmed with that quoted for the installation of your chosen product.
  • The description of the test vehicle used should at least confirm the test vehicle type, mass and speed of impact on test, and preferably with a photograph pre-test.
  • A table, or other means of presenting the data, should show that the vehicle was ballasted so that the tolerance on the weight split between the axles met the requirements of the relevant standard.
  • A table of the test results showing that the impact test was conducted within the tolerances of speed, alignment and angle specified in the appropriate standard as well as to confirm the penetration value.
  • A list of the instrumentation used in the test must be included in the report which should show that all the transducers and high speed cameras used in the test were within their current calibration date for use at the time of the test.
  • There should be a selection of pre and post test photographs of the product and the impacting vehicle, and preferably a sequence of “dynamic” stills through the test taken from the high speed cameras used in the test.
  • The test house accreditation is valid for this type of test by accessing the quoted accreditation authorities website and looking up the work scope they are accredited to ensure the test is listed within the scope e.g.
  • The address of the test house in the report is the same as that shown on the accreditation authorities website.
  • The product tested is that shown in the drawings that must form one of the appendices at the back of the report;
    • Check product name/number are the same in the report as on all of the drawings including the foundation drawing
    • Check the foundations shown in the drawings as those shown in the photos of the installation that must be taken by the test house when installing the product
    • Check the product shown in the pre and post test photos is the same as detailed in the product drawing

Please see the ‘Standards and Independent Testing section of this website for further information on this topic.

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