CPNI advice on Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

As with the recent attacks on Westminster in March and Manchester Arena in May, the June attack on London Bridge and Borough Market highlights the ongoing threat to public areas and crowded places. The CPNI encourages its partners in industry and government to review their security plans and pay particular attention to CPNI’s current advice on its website and extranet. Whilst it is inherently difficult to protect against this style of attack in crowded public places, there are measures that can be instigated. These include those which help mitigate the immediate effects of an attack by precluding access to hostile vehicles and those which can help disrupt an attack through optimising detection of suspicious activity, and disrupting the hostile reconnaissance process.

The PSSA remains in regular contact with the CPNI as a partner in encouraging the adoption of best practice in specifying and selecting fit for purpose high security products. Via the PSSA, members are able to ensure their staff are kept up to date with national security priorities and threats.

For CPNI advice on hostile vehicle mitigation, please visit the link below.

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